Dronahell 2022

Sponsors: Gemfan, FOXEER, Dalprop, Würth Elektronik, Filalab, LASF

Open LR F9U "Dronahell 2022" championship winners:
1st place - Arminas Volskis FPV (ARMIS)
2nd place - Algirdas Rumbaitis (IFlySometimes)
3rd place - Robertas Visniakovas (RV)

Dronahell 2022 Tournament Winners:
1st place - Tomass Pētersons (TOPE)
2nd place - Kristaps Pētersons(KP)
3rd place - Arminas Volskis FPV (ARMIS)
4th place - Elmārs Misevičs (Emispro, he is only 14 and can keep up with these pilots!)

Freestyle winners:
1st place - Martynas Butkus (MMM)
2nd place - Andrius Geniušas (BadPilot)
3rd place - Vitarė Vaišnoraitė and Algirdas Rumbaitis (RipSquad)

Recap video:

Stream Day 2:

Stream Day 1: