Dronahell 2023

Sponsors: Gemfan, FOXEER, Dalprop, Würth Elektronik, Filalab, LASF

Race Junior winners:
🥇 1st Place: Elmars Misevics (EmisPro) 🇱🇻
🥈 2nd Place: Valter Vilnis (Valchix) 🇱🇻
🥉 3rd Place: Reinis Karklins (ReeFPV) 🇱🇻

Race Pro Winners (Lithuanian Open F9U):
🥇 1st Place: Tomass Pētersons (ToPe) 🇱🇻
🥈 2nd Place: Elmars Misevics (EmisPro) 🇱🇻
🥉 3rd Place: Aivis Buss (Bush) 🇱🇻

Freestyle winners:
🥇 1st Place: Tomass Pētersons (ToPe) 🇱🇻
🥈 2nd Place: Morten Siimar (ChirpFPV) 🇪🇪
🥉 3rd Place: Martynas Butkus (MMM) 🇱🇹

Stream Day 2:

Stream Day 1:

Dronahell 2023 was an exhilarating journey through the skies of Šiauliai, Lithuania, on August 26-27th. We witnessed fierce competition across four categories, showcasing the best of drone racing talent.
Kudos to all the winners and participants! The Latvians showcased exceptional skills, underlining their dominance in the drone racing scene.

📅 Stay tuned for Dronahell 2024 details, coming this spring. This year's event marked a significant milestone, being the largest in the past 5 years, with an impressive prize pool. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Dronahell 2023 and also big thanks to our sponsors:

National winners:
🥇 1st Place: Mantas Žitkus (ZTK) 🇱🇹
🥈 2nd Place: Vitarė Vaišnoraitė (Vee) 🇱🇹
🥉 3rd Place: Arminas Volskis (ARMIS) 🇱🇹